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Saturday, January 04, 2003

10:13 PM
i dont know how to say hi.. so I'll just put this
OK.. so I am eating happy reeses cups and jalapeno cheese nips (which are reall spicy.. but it makes me drink alot of water wich is good.. so the spicy is a small price to pay for good taste and water ahaha i know i amm a freak arnt i?)... We (BEcca, Regina, Beachy, Seva and I)went to the mall.. and this really scary.. high/drunk guy came up and scared us.. and he was all tring to show us his "bling bling" and asking us if seva was our borhter or bf.. and we were like wow no (no offece tho seva!!!) and all scary like.. then he asked where we go to school.. and regina was contemplating wether to say the truth or not.. and i knew she was.. so i was hidden behind her so i wispered no.. so she said Seneca.. and so it went on and so i left.. and hid behind some fake flowers in the nearby dollar store.. and i was looking around for some of kts friends "aka the security ppl" but regina got him to leave.. and it was quite scary... but after dogeing into the safety of Forever 21.. i bought 2 shirts for $24 and i was happy. that was about the biggest run-on sentence ever. THEN we went to Kentlands... and looked for Ryan who wasnt there.. and there was a "help wanted" sign so we were fearing that he got fired.. but we went to the happy healthy food place and i had a crassont.. i know thats not how its spelled.. but i like it this way...after THAT we went to sit outside Michales.. and we sang some songs about a marshmallow rolling some places.. and the harmony loos.. and the salamander song... and some Cats songs. and some Honor chorus songs.. IT was some fun times! wow i just ramble like a little rambleing..bugga munka.. I DONT KNOW.. ahaha im tiiired..

Friday, January 03, 2003

11:20 PM
LadyOfTheRing O: i mean.. if i was to be put in a box.. what would it be?
LadyOfTheRing O: i have no stereo type.. im everyhting all the time.. poser prolly..
LadyOfTheRing O: crystal aura... its destiny im telling ya
lDGNlZaG: you are no poser emily
lDGNlZaG: you just change thats all
LadyOfTheRing O: its the Chameleon aura
lDGNlZaG: yep
LadyOfTheRing O: change depending on who im hanging with..
LadyOfTheRing O: ppl dont usually change like that
lDGNlZaG: thats not true
lDGNlZaG: you change
lDGNlZaG: but not depending on who you hange with
lDGNlZaG: you just change, depending on how you feel.. right?
LadyOfTheRing O: im crazy around kt.. and I call ppl names around kt and regina.. and im all "shpping lotr" with becca..
LadyOfTheRing O: and "athletics" with anna
lDGNlZaG: ooh yeaaah that is true
lDGNlZaG: ahaha...
lDGNlZaG: umm..
LadyOfTheRing O: YEAH SEE
lDGNlZaG: its not poser
LadyOfTheRing O: what is it?
lDGNlZaG: its just, you feel more comfortable acting certain ways around different people ^_^
LadyOfTheRing O: *sigh*
lDGNlZaG: seriously
lDGNlZaG: its nothing to be ashamed of
LadyOfTheRing O: o really?
lDGNlZaG: indeed
lDGNlZaG: why would it be?
LadyOfTheRing O: posers.. wannabes.. not urslef.. always a follower..
lDGNlZaG: emily.. its what i said you just feel more comfortable acting different around different people
lDGNlZaG: it isn't bad or good or anything
lDGNlZaG: its just how you are
LadyOfTheRing O: mah..
lDGNlZaG: ^_^
LadyOfTheRing O: i dont liek that
lDGNlZaG: don't worry about it emily, you still have friends and they still love you right?
LadyOfTheRing O: i like being origional.. and my own person
lDGNlZaG: and they don't mind do they?
LadyOfTheRing O: not that i know of..
lDGNlZaG: se
lDGNlZaG: e
LadyOfTheRing O: lol
lDGNlZaG: so what do you have to worry about
LadyOfTheRing O: i still dont like it.. i dont like being a follower... even tho i am.. >_<
LadyOfTheRing O: that makes me sad
lDGNlZaG: emily.... this may sound a liiiiitttle familiar
lDGNlZaG: ya gotta love who you are and accept you who are ^_^
LadyOfTheRing O: i do.,.. but were all not perfict in our own eyes
LadyOfTheRing O: i mean.. who else wears my crazy jeans that i crazyed?
lDGNlZaG: well no one is perfect...perfEct
lDGNlZaG: no one is ever perfEct
LadyOfTheRing O: >_< i dont liek it!
lDGNlZaG: lol :-)
LadyOfTheRing O: i need some ice cream..
lDGNlZaG: lol ookk
LadyOfTheRing O: i need somethin lke a sandwich and a cheesecake
LadyOfTheRing O: *sigh* yeah.. that works.. if i had that.. I'll see what i got
This is me not happy with anything and taking it out on myself... i mean shcools not happy at all and it reall sucks.. but its ok.. its also kinda late.. and im getting over something.. IM not always like this.. in fact.. im alot opposite... but today... well today was not one of them days.. And with this,, i think ive used about every media possible on my blog.. comments on anything e-mail me:

8:08 PM
what's YOUR deepest secret?

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ahah we all are married to Woodchucks ahaha

I'm Lizzie McGuire!

Take the "Which Lizzie McGuire Character Am I" quiz!

and theres another one the aura color... ill get it in a sec

What Is Your True Aura Colour?

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here it is!!! goooo crystal!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

4:51 PM
I am sick and really bored so this is y i choose to answer thes super usless hubbajubbas

Name: Emily
Age: 15
Sex: female
DOB: May 12th, 1987
Hair Color: dark brown with old highlights
Height: 5' 2
School: Norfwes hai scoo (aha.. good times regina)
Residence: G-town
Parents: Barbara and Bob
Siblings: 2 brothers
Pets: 3 catsChocolate Chip and Cookie
Crush: none!
First Kiss: N/A


This/That: im confused.... both!
Brunette/Blonde: brunett i guess..
White/Black: dont even (u go regina u go!)
Kiss/Hug: depends on the situation.. but now.. neither
Summer/Winter: summer for no school and heat and Winter for flag competition
Fall/Spring: Fall for footballa and spring for things being green
AF/AE: I dont like AF so AE i guess.. but walmart and forever 21 and Pac Sun are the best
Saturday/Sunday: saturday yayay!
Candy/Pop: candy is the best specially b4 football games!
Ocean/Lake/Pool: ocean tastes like salt... lake tastes like fish.. and pools taste like clorien (?).. but pools are cleaner so pool.0
Britney/Christina: .. um Christinas kidna scaring me lately.. and britney changes for ppl.. so i dont like one over the other
Mandy/Jessica: Go Mandy and her Walk To Remember
Pop/Punk: .. punk-pop...
Prep/Skater:! i dont think ppl should be placed in boxes..they're perfectly fine where they are... (u go regina!)
Hippie/Goth: are there even hippes anymore? i mean who does that?
Nerd/Dork: theres sucha small difference..
Purple/Pink: depends on the shade
Dark/Light: both.. ahah..yes both
Boxers/Briefs: ... i dont like that question
MTV/VH1: both


Color: blue
Food: everything! potatoes, pizza, pasta, salad...
Drink: water soo healthy
Type of Music: everything but rap
Band/Singer: linkin park, Incubus... all that goodness
Song: ahah that mariah carey song im obsessed with
Album: i dont know.. i download songs not cds
Website:, blog, my website.. that im not working on
Actor: Orlando and Elijah
Actress: Liv Tyler
Relative: thats mean.. i love all my family
Store: i dunno
Movie: Lord of the Rings forever every day!
Animal: I love animals....but not bad scratchy ones...hahhah! i dont know I just like all..well the majority of them
Month Why: May.. for bday!
Season: all of em
Flower: rose or carnation
Quote: I don't know...
Finger: uuuum... ring.. so u can wear rings
Candy: chocolate and nerds are happy
Gum: spearment..
Toothpaste: ummmmmmm soemthing?
Sex position: um wow..
Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend: none
Perfume: my deoderant smells good ahaha
Cologne: dunno
Shampoo: Thermasilk
Time of Day: morning?
Teacher: Ms.Gipe even tho she doesnt teach me.
Insect: dragonflys
Clothing Item You Own: my crazy jeans i decorated

Least Favorite

Color: bright radioactive colors that give people seizures
Food: there are only a few.. something like liver or eyeball..
Drink: orange juice.. its all "die of my acid of death"
Type of Music: rap
Band/Singer: stupid little bands u barely know that open for like Aaron carter who is bad himself..
Song: i hate the "la la la la la the beat goes on and on and la la la la la" is like STOP and all the dumb overplayed songs
Website: "i've never been to any porn sites but i guess if i ever did, it would be my least favorite", again anna i loooove it! (hey it works for everyone)
Actor: meh.. i respect peoples will to try
Actress: ^ ^ ^ (that means.. see above)
Relative: again thats mean
Store: Abercrombie.. its all "hey lets pay o43iu5702984-9485 dollars to wear a plain shirt with the logo on it like 2 cm. big and i hate it!
Movie: pssh.......They...that movie made me soooooooooooo ending! no ending at all!...ha! use ur imagination my butt....(ahaha lol regina)
Animal: i dont like bugs.. there all crawly on u and ur all OMG what was that...then ur like stupid bug and smash it with a frying pan.. or something
Month Why: lets see.. August.. cuz summer is like over.. and no holidays
Season: none really
Flower: weeds.. cuz there dumb
Quote: ....some stuff..
Candy: anything liquorish (yay for regina and anti-licorish)
Gum: really spicy gum
Finger: middle...ITS NOT NICE! haahaha i unno (lol regina)
Sex position: aaaand moving right along... (again good job regina)
Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend: none
Perfume: old lady stuff...u know.....the stuff for old ladys....(man reginas talking all my ideas)
Cologne: i dont know
Shampoo: not having shampoo,, or crap from the dollar store
Time of Day: spanish....
Insect: MOSQUITOS (yes regina yes! they have west nile anthrax)
Clothing Item You Own: stupidly short shorts that stupid preps wear and its vomitrotios

People You Know - I started

Best Friend: Rhea and Becca
Hate the Most: no one jelous hehehehe
Most Attractive: ya know...i think drew harwood is REALLY pretty.....and her selfconfidence makes me oh so jealous (me 2 regina!)
Most Unattractive: i unno
Funnest: everyone
Funniest: everyone
Meanest: no one really
Nicest: ... someone?
Loudest: katie and regina ahaa "public disturbance"
Quietest: nancy ahah or katie waddell
Two-faced: ahah Proffesor Quirrel.. he had two faces cuz one was Lord Voledmort
Sweetest: i dont know
Biggest Flirt: becca
Least Flirtatious: i dont know
Best Kisser: wouldnt know :) (me eiter regina .. me either)
Most Exciting:
Most Boring:
Most Creative:
Always Argues:
Most Calm:
Always Angry:
Always Happy:
Most Normal:
Best Hair:
Best Eyes:
Best Eyebrows:
Best Smile:
Best Laugh:
Best Clothes:
Best Body:
Best Ass:
Best Nose:

Best Hands:
Best Fingernails:
Best Handwriting:
Best Skin:

Other.. i didnt like that..

2:44 PM

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

4:42 PM
Hiya.. I'm at my aunts house. I have 2 cousins that are younger than me like.. 5-6ish and 12-13 iah.. and there all busy.. and everyones doing stuff.. and so heres a story about last night! It was new years eve and i had a party.. that like half of the ppl i invited came to. Rhea Katie waddel and kyle were watchinf star trek..and i was all "who does that" and then any way.. so regina, becca and katie and i went marching about and lolygagging in the roads and such so then we washed our hair and deep clensed our faces and fun stuff like that. Then we were like .. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 YAY but we were scared and tried to get the ball to go back up ahaha. Then we were all.. yeeeaahh... and then after kyle left we talkde and watched Kim Possible till becca and waddell fell asleep... io kinda was half thre but not really.. so then Katie and regina came over and was all .. "sooo..ssss...sooo...ssss..sooo...ssss salamander" ahaha in an asortment of flavors and all. And so i got untired and we talked and laughed for a good while.. then waddell woke up.. and we talked some more.. then becca was like "y wont u shut up?" and we were all wow u crazy.. and u were asleep... but not really..i guess" and it was some crazy. So we stayed up tillm 8 in the morning til we fell asleep.. (that was an odd statement) and then so my mom woke me up @ 12. (hold on a sec ahah my aunts pan she was cooking in kinda broke without being dropped or anything.. it was kinda freaky) ok SO.. then my mom was all... we are going to ur aunts @ 1 ok. So im here and its 4:40 and I am REALLY tired and i dont wanna go to school tomorrow cuz i have hw and all and all and it makes me sad. mah! and the chair im in keeps falling away from the place where im typeing and its making me mad!... so there is my story.. and some things.. like yeah and BYE!

Monday, December 30, 2002

6:50 PM
section one: about yourself
1. name: Emily
2. nicknames: Emi, Em, Ems
3. feet size: 7
4. do you have a crush: nope
5.age: 15
6. age you act: depends on who I'm with and what were doing. Sometimes older, sometimes younger, sometimes my age.(goo annas ideas)
7. where do you live: Germantown Maryland
8. where you want to live: Some place in Europe like Ireland! thats the best. but i love america
9. birthplace: Maryland

10. favorite salad dressing: Ranch woo!
11. ever gone skinny dipping?: nope
12. what are you watching?: Smart Guy ahaha
13. last person you talked to: rhea-in person and anna-online
14. favorite movie: Lord of the Rings O YEAH! for ever!
15. favorite book: Harry Potter! yay
16. favorite type(s) of music: I listen to everything except for Hip Hop and Rap (unless its un Linkin Park) and maybe contry @ my dads house
17. favorite type of cars: I love Taurus' and Intrepids
18. favorite saying: Bubba (spelling may vary) and Crazy Oh and Who does that
19. favorite fast food: Burger King cuz its healthier (but seva would disagree)
20. favorite ice cream: choco chip cookie dough, chocolate and stuff with caramel
21. favorite alcoholic drink: vergin (>_< bad spelling) Pina Coladas but thats about it

22. when do you go to sleep: between 10 and 11
23. most embarrassing moment: hmm.. i dunno
24. stupidest person you know: Hmm... what kind of stupid? intelectually or behavioral wise? ahah lol (good question anna)
25. craziest person you know: katie beach
26. favorite holiday: Christmas!!!!! i love the warm hapy feeling thats there during the holidays
27. favorite food: food is the best. I love all kinds... check out my other question thing it says all the stuff
28. favorite song(s): My fave is that mariah carey.. but i lvoe soo many songs
29. favorite television show: Lizzie McGuire and As Told By Ginger
30. favorite radio station(s): 99.5
31. favorite junk food: Pizza! and cheese cake @_@
32. favorite sappy love song(s): I'd go any where for you-BSB
33. favorite color: blue
34. favorite sneakers: im too poor to afford real Adidas, but the fake-me-out ones are comfy

section two: the future
1. school: Some good art school
2. where you want to live: Europe ... like Ireland or England but i love America.. hey isnt this
3. how many kids you want: prolly Twins.. so they can ahve that @_@ connection and relate to each other
4. what kind of job you want: art, entertainer or something invoving creativity
5. wedding song: ... so many songs will come out before I get married..
6. song in your head: Linkin Park- In The End cuz it was on that STUPID kidz Bop commercials

section three: have you ever..?
1. been in jail: no
2. done drugs: no
3. run away from home: ahah i think one time i was mad/sad and I filled a bag with my fav. small blanket and a doll and hid under the park slid till my bro found me. ahahah
4. hit a girl: yeah... well liek u know.. not really.. but i play punch alot
5. lied: yes
6. stolen anything: I think I put the wrong amount on the counter as I ran out with a reeses but shh
7. broken a bone: nope yay
8. cheated on a test: ahaha the first photography quiz.. everyone cheated because no one studied and the teacher didnt care
9. cheated on a boy/girlfriend: no.. but then again.. i didnt really have one.. so...
10. gotten drunk: nope
11. been with two girls/guys at once: isnt that like cheating...
12. been in the hospital: only when I was born and to visit people
13. let a friend cry on your shoulder: yeah
14. fell asleep in the shower/bath: haha.. no.. u would like drown
15. gone to church: once at rheas church.. and a few times at rheas sinagouge.. she converted
16. never slept during a night: yeah, at a girl scout lock in (OH me too anna! aahhaha she said that)
17. ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: no
18. been to a camp: ..out door ed... bandcamp at shcool.. ahah but it wasnt a sleep away
19. sat in a restaurant w/o ordering: AHAHA yesterday! i got water and ate some of sevas fries.
20. seen someone die: no
21. gone a week w/o shaving: arg I hate shaving..*_* But yes, not recently though
22. didn't wash your hair for a week: I don't think so
23. broken something valuable: ahaha prolly
24. thought you were in love: no
25. streaked the streets: haha no
26. screamed at someone for no reason: I don't usually scream but i dont think so
27. said i love you and meant it: ive said it to my family
28. been hurt by a guy/girl you loved: I haven't loved anyone yet.
29. stayed up till 4 am on the phone: ahah prolly about like 12 or so,.. but not 4

section four: which is better
1. coke or pepsi: pepsi
2. cats or dogs: cats ^_^
3. dvds or vhs: dvd
4. deaf or blind: awww never make me decide that... Both would be absolutely horrible! I love to see... some things are so beautiful. I also love to hear and I love music (good one anna)
5. pools or hot tubs: I love to swim to like clear my head so i'd say Pool
6. television or radio: TV yay
7. cd's or mp3's: CDs
8. apples or oranges: apples! i dont like oranges to much.. its all acidic
9. gap or old navy: meh... Wal-Mart is the best! and Forever 21

section five: when was the last time you
1. took a shower: last night
2. cried: ive felt like crying alot lately...
3. watched a disney movie: hmm i dont know.... recently though
4. given/gotten a hug: this morning when my mom went off to work.
5. been to the movies: LOTR-TTT (best movie ever!!!!!!!!!) last weekend

section six: what is..?
1. your fondest memory of this year: wow thats hard.. every day was great
2. your most prized possession: i would say... my Cabbage Patch Doll that ive had since My first Xmas.
3. the thing that makes you the happiest: being loved.. like family, friends.. all that
4. your favorite food for breakfast: Ham egg and cheese sandwich
5. your favorite food for dinner: same as lunch.. like subs or pasta mmm foood
6. your favorite slow song(s): Mariah Careys- Make it thru the rain
7. your ideal bf/gf: someone who really cares about me, someone deep and creative like that can make something like a normal day special with like a poem or something sweet and thoughtful

section seven: what do you think about..?
1. bill clinton: His cats name is Socks!
2. love at first sight: i think its possible.. but i think more that theres someone out there for you.. like fate
3. abortion: its bad... i mean.. if ur dumb.. the baby shouldnt suffer
4. teenage smoking: disgusting
5. pot: dito
6. eating disorders: it makes me mad becuase its like "i see a fat person when im clearly 15 lbs"
7. rap: meh.. its o
8. marilyn manson: weeeeeeird
9. premarital sex: meh.. a real, romantic, true love kiss is better than anything in the world
10. suicide: sad...
11. drinking: bleh. underage drinking is stupid. if you're of age, do it responsibly. (good job anna!)
12. life: very valuble and full of so much opppertunity. it doesnt end when u die.. spirit and love from others keeps u alive
13. death: when you leave the earth to some other place.
14. god: gives me the srength to get through everything and anything. He helps me be ok with death because I know that the angels of the dead can watch over the alive and keep them safe

section eight: random questions
1. what are your favorite forms of jewelry : rings on chains around ur neck. ahaha and not just cuz of lotr either! because i can keep track of rings easier that way and rings are so cool
2. have you ever liked someone too young for you?: no
3. do you think you have multiple personalities?: like Gollum!! yay hes the best. .. i change moods alot.. but not like real fast.
4. ever walked in on someone changing or showering?: ahaha i dont know maybe..
5. what is the first thing you say on the phone?: hello... yeah.. thats a good start
6. what are you wearing?: ahah my pj bottoms and a shirt cuz i didnt feel like putting on jeans
7. what did you do yesterday?: AHAH YAY skated, ate, went to Michales...order water @ Potomac Pizza.. and stayed up till 2:30 talking w/ rhea

This one wasnt nearly as good as the other one

5:50 PM
What's your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla
What kind of fairy are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
i need to find more.. they are the best!

11:30 AM
Basic Questions
[my name is]: Emily
[in the morning i am]: Happy that theres a new day and feel refreshed and ready to go!
[all i need is]: good friends and some day a good person to love (and too be loved)
[love is]: the best feeling that was created. If one had true love and nothing else, It would be ok.
[if i could see one person right now]: .. meh .. school work coems first (need to bring up grades >_<)
[i'm afraid of]: im not afraid of bugs and spiders .. but they creep me out., small spaces woth lots of ppl freak me out too.. i dont know y... and im afraid of being alone.. not like.. I have to go to the bathroom.. u can sit and watch tv for 30 sec. thats not scary... but like... with no friends.. or someone to be there for you. You always need that shoulder.
[i dream about]: usually about the movie i just saw or what i did that day.. or this one time.. i tried a new cany bar (the crunch bar with caramel) and i had too dreams what night and the candy bar was in both of them.. it kinda scared me

Have You Ever...
[pictured your crush naked?]: no
[actually seen ur crush naked]: no
[been in love]: no
[cried when someone died]: its weird.. it doesnt hit me till later.. then when it hits me, i just sit in silence and like close my eyes. maybe cry.. but usually not.
[drank alcohol]: i might have had a little for new years but not any other time.
[lied]: i don't know anyone who hasn't and if there is someone out there.....I admire them greatly (thats what anna said.. and its good so I'll keep it)

Which One?
[coke or pepsi]: pepsi
[flowers or candy]: flowers
[scruff or clean shaven]: clean..?.. unless its aragorn ahahaha jkjk
[tall or short]: taller than me by just a little.. i dont like feeling short. but Im short so gos short!.

With the Opposite Sex
[what do you notice first?]: EYES!! yay
[last person you slow danced with]: i havent.. isnt that sad
[worst question to ask]: can I kiss you? i mean.. it ruins the whole thing.. just look in the eyes.. u can tell

[makes you laugh the most?]: id laugh if someone was just sitting like in a white room... ahah no let me see prolly katie beach.. she is the queen of random.. its the best. i admire her random-ness
[makes you smile]: i dont usually not smile.. unless im sad.. ahah well duh...
[gives you a funny feeling when u see them]: it depends if its a good funny feeling or a bad one.. stalkers scare me... but if u like someone its all.. lump in ur heart kidna jumpy bug thing
[has a crush on u?]: no one.. that im aware of
[easier to talk to: boys or girls?]: depends on the person, what your talking about, and who else is there (sounds good anna)

Do You Ever...
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: I would IM them... i wouldnt wait that long if i could do it.
[save aol/aim conversations]: yes.. i have like 15 my mom doesnt like how they take up space
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: no HAHA guys at this age couldnt be stupider ahah lol no offence guys
[cried because of someone saying something to you]: yeah.. if its sweet im a real softy for that..

Have You Ever...
[fallen for your best friend]: no.. I have 3 GIRL best friends
[been rejected]: i dont put myslef out there.. its real hard to get thru that shell to my heart..
[rejected someone]: yes but i felt so sorry i cired a few times i just wanted to squeeze him aha lol ^_^
[used someone]: nope
[been cheated on]: no
[done something you regret]: anyone who hasn't is one happy person (anna strikes again with her good ness)

Who Was The Last Person...
[you talked to on the phone]: kaite wong.. she gave me directions to her house so we could pick her up to go ice ckating
[hugged]: .. my mom ahahha thats so sad...
[you instant messaged]: Im talking to seva now
[you laughed with]: rhea because shes sleeping over and we talked till like 2:30 and we laughed alot

Do You...
[color your hair]: I highlighted my hair once.. and its all grown out
[ever get off the damn computer]: yeah.. my mom kicks me off alot so she can use it
[habla espanol]: si y soy bueno a espanol

Have You//Do You//Are You?
[smoke]: ugh its so disgusting
[obsessive]: AHAHAH about lotr yeah!
[could you live without the computer?]: id be sad that I couldnt talk to my friends.. because some are allergic to the phone.. and i dont have any classes with any of them (but bio)
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: 144
[what's your favorite food?]: wow thats hard.. i lovee food!! i love fettichini alfreado its the best! and salad makes me feel healthy.. but i do love pizza and cheese cake ^_^
[whats ur favorite fruit?}:cantaloupe and blueberries yay
[drink alchohol?]: No.. under age.. and no
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: I love nature, like eveything! its the best!
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: emotional
[trust others way too easily?]: if ive known them for a while and there good friends.. usually ahha my friends are crazy. lol but its kidna hard for me to trust ppl .. i think i should go live in the wild with tigers goo tigers! ahaha

Final Questions
[i want]: to have a sucessful life and to hopefully find the perfict guy that I was ment to be with
[i wish]: that there was world peace and ppl can accept ppls diferences.
[i love]: the rain!! omg its the best thing ever! but i also love waterfalls and quiet woods where u can find peace with the world. I love meanigful song leryics and poems that are so complicated yet u know what there talking about because the works fit together so oddly that it makes sence. I love singing, dancing acting and art. and people who really truly care for you.
[i miss]: Times before 9/11 where we didnt have to worry about anything, and I miss eddy
[i fear]: wasnt this one aleady there?
[i hear]: seva IMing me..and Me typeing the house is really quiet
[i wonder]: about eveything
[how do you know it's love?]: when u look into someones eyes and u can see forever and u feel perfict around them. but like I would know.. ahah i mean come on.. i ahvent even had one good, true, boyfriend... so i think all that can wait..

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What Color Eyes Should You Have?

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thats some kidna crazy.. i cant find anymore. that makes me sad. O but the next thing I'l put is this neifty little questions quizy.. thingy-bob. yeah OK!

Sunday, December 29, 2002

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What Sign of Affection Are You?

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Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

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What Type Of Anime Character Are You?

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What Element Are You?

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What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

Don't Look Back

As you travel through life there are always those times when decisions just have to be made. When the choices are hard and solutions seem scarce and the rain seems to soak your parade!

There are some situations where all you can do is to simply let go and move on. Gather courage together and choose a direction that carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles and take a step forward the process of change can be tough. But think about all the excitement ahead if you can be stalwart enough!

There could be adventures you never imagined just waiting around the next bend. And wishes and dreams just about to come true in ways you can't yet comprehend!

Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new interests as you challenge your status quo. And learn there are many options in life, and so many ways you can grow!

Perhaps you'll go places you never expected and see things that you've never seen. Or travel to fabulous, faraway worlds and wonderful spots in between!

Perhaps you'll find warmth and affection and caring - a "somebody special" who's there. To help you stay centered and listen with interest to stories and feelings you share.

Perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your friends are supportive of all that you do. And believe that whatever decisions you make, will be the right choices for you!

So keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking your life day by day. There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road. Don't look back - you're not going that way!

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