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Saturday, March 01, 2003

11:32 AM
And All That Jazz
AHAH yesterday was a happy fiesta of sorts. Regina, Katie, Becca and I went to go see chicago last night. Yeah its up there on the most awsome movies of all times according to emily scale. So we where singing (much to katies dislike), celebratorly clapping whenever a flag, hat or rifle appeared (flag aquipment incase u were unsure) ahah and laughed/gagged when the Mama song came on because Seva's version scared me for life. It was fun. Afterwords, we went to the Star diner (which is Renid Rats backwards) so i ordered a little chocolate (cuz u know i need it) in one of them litle glass bowls from the Fancy Cat food commercials where the cat prolly is worth more than a car. Becca has some chicken tender bobs with some fries (suprise!! HEHE JKJKJKJK) while... *cof*... some people we didnt know went and did the duck outside infront of a little middle school possiand kind of confused them.. all the waitresess where kinda like "um... there a little crazy..." ahaha and becca put some salt and pepper in reginas drink.. ahah fun times. -_- meh.. Cookie Booth today from 1-3 @ fox chaple.. which is an awsome time at an awsome place and its the first booth of the year so were gonna sell like .... some good selling ... people...... yeah... y do u care? ahaha
Mood: Happy *Bubbly as some ppl would put it* I could prolly make Strong Sad laugh today!
Song: I'd do anything- Simple Plan

Friday, February 28, 2003

12:22 PM
How hot IS Elijah Wood, anyway?

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9:05 AM

You are BOLOGNA. The baloney meat.
What Lunch Meat Are You?

ahaha the balogna meat.. that says alot dont it?
You are Earth

Wat is ur element according 2 me (finally finished)
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Most like Pippin
You are most like Pippin

Which Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring character are you? (the questions are not obious, and there are pictures)
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you are a DANCER! you are very talented and
somewhat popular. however, you don't let this
go 2 your head and are very friendly and down
to earth.

*~*WhAt HiGh ScHoOl LaBeL aRe YoU?*~* (with pictures!)
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your the blue m'n'm. you are a peanut covered with
chocolate and known as the cool one!

what color m'n'm are you? with pictures!
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8:22 AM
No Bondage (to quote an anna Title)
Yeah, that wasnt ment to come across as being upset or depressed. I was going more for the impatient, still looking and wondering thing. well alright on to other matters.
Who wants to see LOTR again? I DO! a million times and then a million more times! and then more and more @_@ *rocks back and fourth* my precious.......
No school today No school today! You know what that means? well.. i dont either.. i have to call ppl to see what their doing. That last enrty kidna inspired me to start writing a little. I like the style it was in. MMM if i wasnt afraid of someone finding my blog and stealing my ideas or anything I'd write in here. but it's ok i guess.. you guys can stand up with me and protest it was mine so i can sue them ~_~ mehehe. ahaha jkjk. Jason kinda helped me stay positive and happy last night. He was all "yay for being you and different and not labled". He's pretty awsome. Helping people and al. I mean regina say she talks with him all the time, but he IMed me and we started talking about it. I was like wow he doesnt really know me and hes helping me.
I think its that time again for:
Inside jokes!
Threeee threee threee
She looks, Fur real, She FEELS fur real!
Punch Melvis in the Pelvis
Something WILD and slightly mental *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
uhhhhhhhhhhhh UHHHHHH! *ahahahahahah*
Judomdom Judomdom Judomdom (dom saying how Elijah falls down the stairs)
Is... is it a splinter?
AH Billy Boyd Man!
Crazy as a moose in a juice box... without any crackers
"When you put your hands on me" -(Christina Lyrics.. aha rhea.. HP game.. ahahahha fun times..)
~~~~~ (a.k.a. the hand shaky thing Katie Wong and I do)
i love it! LOTR ppl are the best ever! and all my friends are just as good (in a different fashion) ^_^
Mood: Happy as a clam cuz I have been reliving the LOTR happyness
Song: Dont Cry For Us- Justincase (i just re-discovered them)DL it today!

Thursday, February 27, 2003

8:14 PM
Who am I?
As i walk down the halls, there are the preps with thier A&F shirts, straight mostly blonde hair, bright blue eyeshadow and a mini purse, prolly talking to a jock. Then there are the "ghetto" people that wear all these vintage/home made things and tlak like they live in the deep south. The nerds who have the rolling backpacks and thicker glasses than usual, usualy messy hair cuz they dont care what ppl think about them. The goths with their deep and poetic like blackness. The punks and the hatered of all things normal. The loners who walk aimlesly thru the halls at lunch or sit in a corner with their headsets. The artists who spend every free period in the art room prefecting there already awsome skills. And then theres me. Emily, usally normal jeans, a t-shirt and average grades, average skills at about anything.. not good enough to be anything, not bad enough to stop wanting to do it. Always the middle class average shmoe. Not the straight A student that will be a doctor, not the prep who will either get to be a preofesional cheerleader or a model. Not the artist or the genius, not the dope at the McDonalds saying "you can ad a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait to your meal for just $1". Nothing special. So as I sit ehre infront of my regisration form wondering what i wanted ot be when i was young. I wanted to sing my heart out infront of millions of people so they can feel what i feel when i sing. My passion. To be infront of so many people doing the one thing that makes me the happiest. To soak in the cheers at the edge of the stage after an awsome performance. That was my dream. I didnt want to be a docter or a teacher, i wanted to be a star. Too bad there isnt a class or profession like that unless you can stay the best to keep your job alive. If only one can make a living off of daydreaming id be rich. HAha if only the rain where malted milk balls, that one day when your princess of the castle, the prince will carry you away and vegitables taste like candy. Yeah.. life isnt always what you dream it to be when your little. Still sitting here, my registration form for my 11th grade classes stil staring me in the face. Seeing as how, Show Choir wasnt Suggested to me on this menesing blue peice of paper I dont think Show Chior is in my grasp any longer. This is staring to sound like the begingin to a book about an average girl trying to find her path in life. Hey, maybe writing, maybe... well... I'll let you guys know if I become what i wanted. Till then you can eat your skittle flavored broccoli and ride on your horse to your castle in the clouds. I'll be here staring at this peice of paper with a dream cloud filled with stars above my head.

5:50 PM
awwwww it makes me cry! and so does the last leggy pic.. and that Orli pic of him biteing his nail mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love it @_@ *under a spell*

3:22 PM
You are "A knife in the dark", A very
exiting chapter, with a lot of suspence.

What LOTR chapter are you?
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ahh... i love it @_@ sighhh

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

1:16 PM
HAHA WOO! Out of school early so u know what that means? *que the title*
Good Lord, more quizes?
yes more quizes.. and here we go!

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aha.. aint it the truth...

Fairy Druid
You're a Fairy Druid!

* *What kind of Fairy are you?* *
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You are Alan Lee!
Alan Lee!

Which Tolkien artist are you?
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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

7:48 PM

AHHH...... my day is officialy complete *happy mode*

7:30 PM

I am...

I'm Elijah Wood!

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?

You're Punk Princess Avril Lavigne!

Which Female Singer Are You Most Like?
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Hey, I answered truthfuly now... you take it... its either her or Britney... well eithers ok.

you were a tiger. you are very smart and you dont
take shit from anyone.

What animal were you in your last life?
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7:15 PM
Hard Core
ahaha ive said that like a million times since we ended practice just an hour ago. Why is that you ask? well, thats cuz our danceing for the musical is real.. its none of that sissy show choir crud.. oh no.. this stuff is real.. while were acting and singing this stuff is real and hard core ahah.Yeah.. our choreographer is awasome.. oh.. ha.. silly me.. did i forget to mention... she kinda choreographs for Ashanti and other grammy nominated performers... ha ha.. yeah.. that... shes awsome. Today the Girl Scout Cookies came in.. so if you want any... feel free to buy them from me $3 a box.. and there mighty tasty *points to box, winks at camera*. Good thing i dont have very much hw cuz i am bout ready to fall asleep... u know right after im done eating! aha im kinda like this @_@. HAHA for real... show chior is a little happy ant next to our mondo happy hippo party HAHA this is some serious crazy dancine. u gadda come see it.. and dont worry, they will advertise this baby like no other. Ok after i practice a litle more and finish eating.. ill be taking some quizzes to calm me nerves ahah Yeah... im really kinda crazy tired. and this grilled chicken flat bread is a tad on the spicey side. Threee Threee Threee ahaha just thought id add a little something of reginas crazyness on there.
Mood: Slightly frizzled and achy with a side of tired and a chance of pain. (AHAH rocket power.. aha lol)
Song: Pray and We Dance (i told ya, the two battleing songs in my head.. all the time!) ahah

Monday, February 24, 2003

7:17 PM



7:14 PM

sry guys.. as much as i completely love that pic.. it was huge... so its in our hearts... and the one above it was better anyways ^_^
YAY for Haldir he's the best!!!

4:04 PM


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeee i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHH he bites his fingernails just like me and anna! AHHHHHHHH HES SOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!

3:21 PM
I think Im gonna start titleing my blogs....
lets call this one...
I am again delaying my doings of homework by eating, talking, listening to music, writing in my blog, and just about anything else!
mmm twix...
lets see what i got to do today... Lab Report for Bio, 6 sent. for spanish and some book work for Geometry...not bad...
mmm twix... AHAHA but im serious! this twix is good!
The first day back from the week off wasnt so bad considering we missed a week. biut it was a 2 hr delay..alot of the teachers prolly slept thru the whole thing..because none of them really had anything planned on how to make up a weeks worth of learning. I want a DVD player so bad!! so i can watch happy lovely little actors talk about each other when ever i want! aahhhh i love it!!!
aww... my twix is gone...
Mood: Procrastinator and sad about fleeing twix
Song: i dont know the name of it.. Beachy would know.. it goes "i may not have the paintbrush that will paint a master peice.." that song. and "BIg Star" (both contry songs ^_~) aha yeah.. i get more than one song stuck in my head at once.. they kinda battle.. HAHA like reginas hamsters!!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

5:48 PM

5:47 PM

EEEEE yay for testing and ELIJAH!

10:12 AM
Hey everyone!
I'm doing my hw...-_- siiigh can monday never come? I hope we dont go because of floods.. darcy's away messae last night was that her basement was flooded. GAH! my foots a sleeeep! get it ooffff! OK.. i just changed my cursor from looking like a rose, to a 4 leaf clover in honor of March Comming up. I have spanish book work, about 7 sections worth of NSL vocab to put in my NB and i have to organize my NB so i can get a decent grade in that class. I have an Essay Portfolio due tomorrow in Bio... sheesh.. i know i had a week to do it. If u tell me again.. i'll sock u. XP
Oh Phooey.. this HW isnt gonna gdo its self ><.. can't get myself to start writitng.. must put more in blog....................... meh....
Mood: procrastination and hungry.. gonna go get some food (heh heh
.. procrastinating by getting food ><)
Song: (is that the song im listing to or the song that best fits the mood?) well ive been listening to the coors and GC for like 4 days non stop.

Don't Look Back

As you travel through life there are always those times when decisions just have to be made. When the choices are hard and solutions seem scarce and the rain seems to soak your parade!

There are some situations where all you can do is to simply let go and move on. Gather courage together and choose a direction that carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles and take a step forward the process of change can be tough. But think about all the excitement ahead if you can be stalwart enough!

There could be adventures you never imagined just waiting around the next bend. And wishes and dreams just about to come true in ways you can't yet comprehend!

Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new interests as you challenge your status quo. And learn there are many options in life, and so many ways you can grow!

Perhaps you'll go places you never expected and see things that you've never seen. Or travel to fabulous, faraway worlds and wonderful spots in between!

Perhaps you'll find warmth and affection and caring - a "somebody special" who's there. To help you stay centered and listen with interest to stories and feelings you share.

Perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your friends are supportive of all that you do. And believe that whatever decisions you make, will be the right choices for you!

So keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking your life day by day. There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road. Don't look back - you're not going that way!

Author unknown

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