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Saturday, March 22, 2003

9:07 AM
There is an Auditorium Where The OOTI Actors Live
HAHAHAH its true! We like live there! Well, ya know how I was sposta be a principle dancer and I hadnt done any dancing... well i do! AHAH Claire, Annarain, Myself, and Ceran *sp.. sry i luv ya* we dance with Amy (TiMoune) Its great. But I'm way to unghetto to dance that dance. You gadda like shake ur booty and walk the walk and all that stuff... ahah Regina and Matt where like.. u have to shake ur butt more. ahahah But i think I got it. Just a little more confidence. But i need to strech b4 that cuzmy muscles are hurtin this morning. HAHA Regina says its my Ms. Hotpants dance. We finished blocking the whole show and now we have to add Tech, Band, and perfection and we got it! ahaha The Play is so totally awsome!! We're like a happy family!! I lerve it!
I got alot of HW and Anna and I are gonna babysit tonight! woop!
Mood: Happy for the Play!
Song: We Tell The Story- US! haha yay for the play!
You see the world in Red
Aren't you the romantic? Life is poetic. If you
don't already, write poetry, you're good at it.

What color do you see the world in?
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Thursday, March 20, 2003

6:20 PM
Fairy Tale
When you where little, and you heard those storys about the girl who gets saved by the prince charming and they fall in love and live happily ever after. That never happens. Where it's love at first sight, and one would die for the other. And when they'd look into each others eyes, its like they are looking into their soul. And how, when he's talking to her, its like they are the only ones in the world. Why is life no Fairy Tale? Why is there war and hate, and distrust. Why are there no Prince Charmings on white horses to save the damsel in distress?
Just cuz im bored, Im gonna list my Perfict guys traits (now im being super picky, but again, hes perfict, and theres no such thing as perfict)
He will be/have
1. Sweet/caring (as in would be the shoulder you can cry on, the arms that could hug you, etc)
2. Kind (as in naturaly nice and thoughtful)
3. Funny .. to make you laugh
4. Creative (as in.. for like xmas or like, a birthday, he wouldnt just give u a card, or a gift, he'd make something meaningful or different something money couldnt always buy)
5. Some kind of Art skill (the other side of creative) like drawing, singing, dancing, acting, etc (the more the better ^_~)
6. Slightly taller than me like 1-3 or 4 inches taller than me
7. Nice eyes @_@ ahah me and my eye obsession (shh)
8. Someone that cares as a person, and woudlnt want a girlfirend just to say he has one... *rolls eyes*
9. Slightly mature, not one of them normal,stupid,boys
10. close ot my age of corse (1-2 years older or younger, preferably same age)
11. Lives close as in same-school-close
12. Sligtly inteligent.. not like crazy super brain smart, or not super... ".....*hear wind blowing*......" kind of guy
13. Kind of Poetic
14. Sensitive, the kind of guy who can understand me and be there for me for something stupid like just cuz i dont have any chocolate when i really crave some ahahha
15. He has to like food! (ahah anna! yay for food)
16. Has to be respectful and tolerant to peoples opinions or thoughts etc.
17. It has to have that click, the chemestry, the right feel in the "auroa"
18. Some kind of competitive, sportyness in him somewhere so he can try to beat me in some/any sport.
19. Has to like music, preferably my kind of music (which of corse, covers alot so its ok)
20. Has some kind of Western European accent like Irish, English, or Scottish *_* mmm gadda love them forigen guys... that live... here... but have the acent.... SHHH
21. Has to like fantasy storys, like Harry Potter and LOTR
22. Has to be decent looking (im not shallow here, but seriously, if there was the same identical people on the inside, only one was hansome, and the other was slightly, less hansome.. you cant sit here and tell me ud pick the less hansome, if they where exactly the same on the inside.. uh huh...)
23. Bundle it all up in a neat little packadge and send him to me.. id be forever in ur debt. ahaha...
*sigh* *in dreamland like always* like that'll ever happen, I'm telling ya, Lifes no Fairytale
Mood: Dreamy
Song: Breathless By:The Coors

Monday, March 17, 2003

6:17 PM
YAY! I found some plain white printer paper!!!

...alright we're gonna move ahead... sorry to slow you down...
(ahah from Emporers New Groove)

6:08 PM
Much Accomplished
Yes! I didnt have rehersal today so I got to get some stuff done! I finished my Geomerty Test Review Packet (and re did it cuz im such a perfectionist ^^), I cut the hems off my 3 inch stichup-jeans (the ones with the ties on the side) and added about 2 inches to the bottom yay. (that felt like it took forever, but the clocks acctually on my side today and going super slow so I can get everything done. While i was touching up my left hands' paint job, I drafted out my Spanish Brochure, but i dont have any white paper, so i cant do the final one. I need to eat a snack and strech before Flag tonight. I have to go in a little less than a half hr so Im not sure if I should start with my Pro Paragraph for Bio. I think I'll get my other two sorces and highlight them like my other one (3 different colors for 3 different items im looking for ie. history, current research and how it helps living things). Thats a very good study strategy. So is photocopying the whole chapter in a book so u can make notes and highlight important stuff. I'm so happy. I've been so on the ball lately, doing all my work and learning ontop of flag and rehersal. Mentally, its the same old thing... mostly focused on grades and such, but on the side or when im bored its the daydreaming of the "prince charming on the white horse" ordeal... but I figure, it'll come in time and good things come to those who wait.
Mood: Happy cuz life is good and im on a roll ("with butter and jelly" as I used to say when i was little)
Song: The Anthem- GC

Don't Look Back

As you travel through life there are always those times when decisions just have to be made. When the choices are hard and solutions seem scarce and the rain seems to soak your parade!

There are some situations where all you can do is to simply let go and move on. Gather courage together and choose a direction that carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles and take a step forward the process of change can be tough. But think about all the excitement ahead if you can be stalwart enough!

There could be adventures you never imagined just waiting around the next bend. And wishes and dreams just about to come true in ways you can't yet comprehend!

Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new interests as you challenge your status quo. And learn there are many options in life, and so many ways you can grow!

Perhaps you'll go places you never expected and see things that you've never seen. Or travel to fabulous, faraway worlds and wonderful spots in between!

Perhaps you'll find warmth and affection and caring - a "somebody special" who's there. To help you stay centered and listen with interest to stories and feelings you share.

Perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your friends are supportive of all that you do. And believe that whatever decisions you make, will be the right choices for you!

So keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking your life day by day. There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road. Don't look back - you're not going that way!

Author unknown

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