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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

9:33 PM
Actually, all my hw is done..*shock shock surprise surprise!*
1. Name: Emily
2. Birthday: May 12th~Yesterday!!
3. Zodiac: Taurus
4. Nationality: irish, english, scottish, welsh...etc ^^
5. What time is it: 9:31
6. Are you sensitive: it depends on my mood.

-------Person Who last------
7. Called you: Katie
8. Slept in your bed: a cats sleeping now i think
9. Saw you cry: i usully dont cry infront of ppl..
10. Made you cry: :X
11.What happened to Question eleven?: its wearing the invisiblity cloak
12. You shared a drink with: my mom i think
13. Major crushes: major secrets ^^
14. Slept with last: my cat
15. Yelled at you: regina for "begging" for food
16. Sent you mail: Real Mail? ahah wow i dont really remember

-------Have you ever-----
17. Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the milk people: ahha no, sounds like fun tho
18. Said "I love you" and meant it: to family...
19. Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc.: ahah yeah, my cats get fiesty with me.. i get mad ahah
20. Favorite thing to do on weekends: hang with friends, snack, shop and watch tv ^^
21. Favorite School Subject: Colege Lit
22. Herbology: coool! i want it so bad!
23. Potions: ewww for snape!
24. Transfiguration: sounnds fun!
25. Divination: "unstable branches of magic" ehehe
26. Is there anymore I forgot: Astrology, Muggle Studys, Runes, Charms, Defence against the dark arts!? helloooo
27. Danced Naked: not lately.. ahah jkjkjk
28. Had a dream about something really crazy, then it happens the next day? not crazy, but yeah
29. Stalked someone: no
30. Had a mud bath: nope
31. Wished you were the opposite sex: not really
33. What time is it now: 9:48
34. Apples or bananas: apples (thinks of merry always eating apples)
35. Blue or red: blue!
36. Grey or orange: Grey (rain ^^)
37. Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley: hmm hard call.. id say Hogsmade
38. Spring or Fall: spring
39. Love or hate: love
40. What are you gonna do after you finish this: read and sleep
41. What was the last meal you ate: hot pocket
42. Animagus or Marauder: Marauder! Moony Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs!
43. Are you bored: not really, thats y im doin this
44. How many friends you have: about 10 close friends, 30 plus aquaintances i wave to every day
45. Last duel you saw: becca and myself with our sabers
46. Last noise you heard: Music
47. Last smell you sniffed: my snot.. ahah jkjkjk im so stuffy right now *sniffle*

------About your friends------
48. Laughs the weirdest: ahah regina!!! *the holding breath till u where away from the guy... lol!!*
49. Going to have the most kids: hm..not too sure.. we dont seem like good moms.. aha
50. Who have you known the longest: Rhea
51. Loudest: Katie and regina!
52. Is the quietest: Katie Waddell and Becca
54. Who is the funniest: were all funny.. on our good days
55. Who is the moodiest: oh dear.. not gonna get into that
56. Biggest pimp: dont know.... dont wanna know for that matter....
57. Good looking: well ok lets see: reginas got nice hair, beccas got nice little nose (lol), beachys got cool minto choco chip eyes, kaie wong has cool hair, marys got a cook over all face shape (asian osmosis), katie waddell has really rpetty hair if u do somethin with it :P, Polina and Rhea are tall (><) matts got nice eyes, for corse with the color changeing thing, anns got nice legs of corse, cuz she runs all the time.. dru has the best figure ^^ and i love u all so very much!
58. Who can you tell most of your secrets to: anna ^^ cuz she is like, gods gold statue o something, if she belived in it shed be first in heven.
59. Who do you usually go to about all of your problems: anna, but shes usally.. really busy ><
60. Wished someone was dead: ahah not today..
61. Last time you had sex: *shows of "proud to b a vergin" button* ahah 0:D
62. The last time you had a dis-agreement with someone: m.. not too sure iof ud call it a disagreement
63. What happened to Question 64?: the real question is what happened to number 63?
64. Do you have a crush on someone: uve already tried it..
65. Do they know: ...
66. Do you have a bf/gf: nope....

67. What do you think of slugs and other bugs? *while banana slug song goes on*.. i dont like them.. they creep me out..
68. What book are you reading now: oh dear.. what am i not reading?
69. Nicknames: Em, Ems, Emilicious, Emilio, Shmemy, Emi (sometimes Emmy), Chica
70. Hair Color: brown
71. Height: 5'3"
72. Pets: 3
73. Siblings: 2 half bros
74. Been so drunk you blacked out: nope
75. Taken any illegal substances: nope
76. Gone out in public in your pajamas: yuppers
77. Missed school b/c it was raining: nope (thinks of raiy days in the courtyard ahah good times ^^)
78. Set any body part on fire for amusement: ahahha thats great...
79. Kept a secret from everyone: yeah

Mood: tired, back ache, *always day dreamy later at night..sighh*
Song: This Is WHat Deans Are Made Of (the ballad)- Paolo and Isabella (Lizzie McGuire Sound Track)

Sunday, May 11, 2003

7:35 PM
Another way to procrastinate...
Do you]
take a shower everyday?: yes. i mist have my hair soft and clean everyday ^^
Have a (any) crush(es)?: not that u know of ^^ ehe jk
Do you think you've been in love?: nope..
Want to go to college?: yes, ever so much.
Want to get married: probobly
Type with your fingers on the right keys?: basicly
Believe in yourself?: yes
Believe in God?: yes
Get motion sickness?: sometimes
Think you're a health freak?: most days i try to dirnk ltos of water and eat good food

[The future]
Age you hope to be married: late 20's earlt 30's
Number and Names of Children: *thinks about the pain...* mm maybe 1.. or twins.. and elijah s always up there in names ^^
Where do you see yourself at age 25?: *crosses fingers* on stage
Describe your Dream Wedding: An open spot in the woods.. where flowers and springs are plentiful!
How do you want to die?: death by chocolate! aha jkjkjk i would want to know ahead of time and for it to be painless
What do you want to be when you grow up?: a star. ehe
What country would you most like to visit?: Ireland!

When's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?: i dunno.. my real cat and my stuffed cat trade places alot thruout the night
How many rings until you answer the phone?: however long it takes me to get there
What's on your mouse pad?: no mouse pad
How many houses have you lived in?: (currently live in 2) 4-5 all togethr
What was the best time of your life so far?: during and after cutain call of fridays muical
Favorite Celebrity: Elijah *^_^*
Thought: i wish my hw was done..and my sweet 16 is tomorrow!
do you type really fast?: i can o an average of 90 WPM
does it annoy people who are around you (like in the library)?: not really..
do you/did you like high school?: yes
how old are you?: 15 and 354 days!
do you know anyone who has the same birthday as you?: Joshua Jackson i think (some guy on dawsons creek)
favorite pen color: blue!
what word do you constantly misspell when typing?: pshh what dont i spell wrong?
do you have trees in your yard?: yes
name one comedian that everyone thinks is funny but you absolutely cannot stand: hm i can think of one
name one director you hate and tell why: dont have one...
do you like tim burton?: >< i fergot what who he was
what annoys you more than anything?: homework ><
tell me about the weirdest pair of socks you own: there electricl blue and dark blue striped with a fat cat at the top
if you woke up tomorrow morning as the opposite sex, what would you do first?: i wouldnt have to do my hair! i would prolly go shoppin (lol erin)
did you read fear street books?: oh!! i remember them!
how about sweet valley high?: i know em, but i never read em
babysitter's club? the boxcar children?: babysitters club, like 4 and boxcar children, no
goosebumps?: ahah i wasnt a reader back in the day.. i read th amercan girls!
favorite show on nickelodeon (can be from the late 80's/early 90's when nick was good): the old All That before t sucked
did you watch are you afraid of the dark?: ahhh! yes! there here some really cool ones.. and some ones that didnt even match to the Blair Thumb
did zeebo the clown scare you?: no... clowns dont scare me.. and he was dumb to..
where do you vacation every summer?: if we have money.. Busch Gardens/Water Country USA
do you like the beach?: not really, id rather swim in a pool
do you tan or burn easily?: burn >< then it turns to a tan
do you make up your own words and lingo?: so bad.. like everyday!
do you eat lots of tv dinners?: i used to every single night... and prolly still hvae the ocasional
favorite hot pocket flavor: mmmm best ever! Meatball and Motzerella
if you could make one celebrity magically disappear, who would it be?: Eminem..
do people like you?: i guess..?
what do you think it is that makes the "popular" people popular?: that they have money and can buy a new pair of jeans every day and the really expensive face wash that makes there faces clear as anything
what do you wear the most: tee shirts
are you using a pc or mac?: pc
do you like chunky peanut butter?: depends on my mood.
what amazes you about the opposite sex?: well by amazes u mean confuses, id say how they can be immature guys sometimes (aha regina, the pam thing with matt... lol) but amazes as in a good thing.. is how some of them cn be so caring, and how there hair can stay like that without gel
are you in love with anyone?: not that i know of
do you like anyone?: *ill never tellll* eeh jk
if so, who: [see above]
why do you like them/why are you in love with them?: sigh...
favorite cereal: Cinnimon Toast Crunch!!
name a movie that makes you cry: A Walk to Remember, Pearl Harbor, Tuck Everlasting
what's something you like about the opposite sex, physically, that your friends think is odd?: eyes *mmmm* *_*
is it true that only the good die young?: not really, cuz i know a few good ppl that are... past their prime lets say..^_~
if so, are you going to live forever or die soon?: die soon >< but i dont belive it.. so go away!
do you live for today?: i try to.. but when uve got a school sched. there not much to live for outside them tall brick walls for now
how fast can you run?: i can ru fast for like a min.. then i slow down
favorite band from the 60's/70's: BEATLES!! yay!
have any of your friends had kids as teenagers?: nope
did they finish high school?: nope..well.. according to my last answer
favorite 80's television show: as mydad would say *no matter what the time period we wpuld be talking about* i dunno, iwas very young at the time ^^
were you even born in the 80's?: yes
what year?: 1987
have you ever taught a little kid a curse word?: nope i dont even curse :X
if so which one was it?: :X
do you think little boys are horrendously ill behaved?: on sugar, yes.. asleep. no ^^
have you ever thrown anything at a moving car?: not that i can remember..
name a villain in a movie that scared you when you were a kid: Nemos Adventure.. or nightmare.. or something.. that movie scared me so bad ><
have you seen the original Friday the thirteenth?: nope
the original chucky?: aha no it looks dumb.. i mean..come on.. the things a foot and a half tall.. step on it or soemthing.. mail it to some unknown country
the original halloween?: nope
what's your favorite channel?: nick and disney >< shut up!
what do you say when you stub your toe off of the corner of the coffee table?: sugarbob
what's the highest thing you've ever jumped off of and landed unharmed?: my ankels are so bad, I cant just off anywhere with out injuring myself in some form or fashon. (were ankle twins erin!)
does it snow where you live?: yep
if yes, do you go sled riding?: yeah! ahah remeber the kaie insident with the prickle bush? ah good times
have you ever used anything weird, like a frisbee or a trashcan lid, for a sled?: yeah.. trash can lids dont work that well
how many people do you know who were born in November?: a good few
what month has the most people you know born in it?: May yay!
do holidays make you festive?: yes! i am a very festive person
magazines you subscribe to: none.. i buy them off the rack
do you read the supermarket tabloids?: nope
have you ever smashed somebody's halloween pumpkin?: nope
ever had yours smashed?: nope
do you celebrate christmas?: yes
if not, do you still watch "how the grinch stole christmas" when it comes on television?: yes! and rudolph!.
do you think the grinch movie starring jim carrey was a waste of money?: no i didnt see it tho.. so.
ever had a hot teacher?: no.. and i dont crush on teachers.. *ahem.. mary ^^*
if yes, did you flirt with him/her?: nope
how do you treat people you are attracted to?: The same as everyone else
what do you want for your birthday this year?: see wish list way down near the middle of my blog
have you ever egged somebody's house?: nope
has someone ever egged yours?: nope
do we all go a little mad sometimes?: mad as ni insane.. yes
what pisses you off more than anything in the world?: not understanding or accepting other ppls thoughts or beings
do you still go trick or treating?: yes *sugar!*
do you believe in santa claus?: nope
have you ever worked in a supermarket?: nope
how about a restaurant?: nope
if yes, do you agree with me when i say that those are the two worst establishments to work in?:
what color is your bedspread?: stars and moons
do your eyes change colors?: nope.. but i know ppls who can lol
do you believe that we walked on the moon?: yeah.. thats a dumb question..
what's your opinion of the u.s. retaliation in afghanistan?: cant we all just get along?
do you live by yourself?: nope i live with my mommy
have you ever gotten a computer virus?: prolly
if so, what was it and how did you get rid of it?: i dunno
describe your junior high/middle school gym teacher: like i only had one? i had atleast 6 or 7..
how do you react when someone is talking to you --up in your face-- and they have really bad breath?: umm..i back away a tad cuz id be clostephobic
what was your first date like?: havent really had a reall bf.. so therefore, avent had a real date
did you go/are you going to the prom?: yes i will go.. with friends *looks down...*
if you've already gone, was it good or bad? explain why: havent gone
do you get uneasy when you see a person of a different color than you walking down the same street as you in the middle of the night?: No
are you a vegetarian?: no
how about vegan?: no

aw.. that ended really aburptly.. no "what r u gonna do now that ur done" questions.. thats a let down..
Mood: *daydreamy..*, yay for my bday! and tired of doing hw w/o starting
Song: the birds outside

Don't Look Back

As you travel through life there are always those times when decisions just have to be made. When the choices are hard and solutions seem scarce and the rain seems to soak your parade!

There are some situations where all you can do is to simply let go and move on. Gather courage together and choose a direction that carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles and take a step forward the process of change can be tough. But think about all the excitement ahead if you can be stalwart enough!

There could be adventures you never imagined just waiting around the next bend. And wishes and dreams just about to come true in ways you can't yet comprehend!

Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new interests as you challenge your status quo. And learn there are many options in life, and so many ways you can grow!

Perhaps you'll go places you never expected and see things that you've never seen. Or travel to fabulous, faraway worlds and wonderful spots in between!

Perhaps you'll find warmth and affection and caring - a "somebody special" who's there. To help you stay centered and listen with interest to stories and feelings you share.

Perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your friends are supportive of all that you do. And believe that whatever decisions you make, will be the right choices for you!

So keep putting one foot in front of the other and taking your life day by day. There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road. Don't look back - you're not going that way!

Author unknown

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